Employment Prospects abroad

Know what kind of job opportunities are available, and how to find them

Most students who opt to study abroad also intend to work in the same country once their studies are completed, but to be able to land a great job, it is important to understand the job market in the chosen country. 

Most universities have quality links to various industries and a strong reputation amongst local employers. While the institutions do help the students get fair exposure via their placement cells, students also need to do their best to find a great job for them. 


Work visa – know the rules! 

Given that the work visa norms differ from country to country, know the rules and regulations well in advance. Apply for your work visa at the first opportunity you find so that you have one ready by the time you are ready to work and looking out for employment. Do check with your Educatorr Counsellor about post-study work norms in your chosen country. 

Always plan ahead

You don’t really need to wait until you graduate to start looking for jobs. Begin looking for openings towards the end of your last term/semester so you panic later. Start talking to career advisors at your institution and see what all resources are available to you as an international student. 

In fact, it is a good idea to start an internship with a good organisation that can sponsor your work visa. This also helps you to look for a more stable job at the end of the internship or rather get absorbed as a full-time employee in the same organisation.